Aproko Doctor Explains ways an Infant Baby can die Suddenly

Dr. Chinonso Egemba, a Nigerian medical practitioner, popularly known as akroko doctor, has explained the possible causes of a sudden death of an infant.



In his explanation according to him, is known as sudden infant death syndrome, and can be caused by a number things, which can be from a simple carelessness, or unknown/unexplainable health issue.


He also advised adults and parents to be extra careful with items that surrounds their infant, which comes after several twitter users argued for hours, asking why would a nursing mom be in a hurry to return to work after giving birth. His tweet reads;



A baby can suddenly die, this is known as sudden infant death syndrome. Don’t use pillows, blankets, duvets etc in your baby’s sleep area, and keep all those items away from your baby’s face. They should also not sleep on adult mattresses or sofas, only in their cribs


A baby lying on its stomach to sleep may choke! Especially when there are extra pieces of clothing that could get into their airway during sleep. So the cot should be free! The bedding on the cot should be fitted to the bed and not easily ruffled. This part is important


The stomach position is the position with the highest RISK of babies dying suddenly Also the side position is not a safe alternative because its unstable and babies can easily roll onto their stomachs


Possible causes of a sudden death of a baby
Possible causes of a sudden death of a baby



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