Anniversary — Statue of Kobe Bryant and His Daughter Gigi, Elevated at The Site Where Their Helicopter Crashed 2 Years Ago

A statue of a late American basketball professional player, Kobe Bryant, has been elevated at the site where his helicopter crashed, 2 years ago, killing him and his daughter, with 7 other passengers.  



The statue has a bronze finish, it depicts Kobe and Gigi wearing basketball uniforms and sharing a loving glance as Gigi holds her father’s hand, while kobe’s hands rests on her shoulder.

Sculptor Dan Medina was at the site to greet fans who made the 2.1km hike to pay their respects to the sports legend. He said:



“This is all on my own, no one asked me to do it.” “On this day, the second anniversary of the accident,


I decided to bring it up from sunrise to sunset and create a bit of a healing process for fans,” 


Engraved on the statue’s steel pedestal are the names of all nine victims of the early morning crash which occurred on Jan 26, 2020.


It also includes an inscription of Bryant’s famous quote: “Heroes come and go, but legends are forever.”



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