Angry Dad Calls Out Archdeacon Who Insisted he Must Pay Before his Infant Would be Baptized in the Church (Video)

An angry dad has called out the Archdeacon of his local Church after he was told to pay a certain amount of money before his infant child can be baptized.



The angered dad argued the fine or levy which was place on him, and the situation got escalated which made him to take out his phone and record the heated argument and posted it online.


In a video obtained by, the angered man was heard saying that this happened at St Mark’s Anglican church Ogbunike. (Ogbunike is a town in Oyi Local Government)




Netizens argued that this has been going on with Anglican and Roman Catholic churches, saying that they even make the families of the dead to pay before the priest will come and buried their loved ones.


The angry man called on the Anglican Bishop of his town, to come and see the height of what has been going on.






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