Angela Okorie says she miss living normal street life (Photos)

Popular Nigerian actress and singer, Angela Okorie a.k.a “LegitQueen” has cried out that she sometimes miss when her life was much simpler and with less engagements. She hinted that he can’t enjoy a normal street life in peace again because she’s famous.



Speaking LatestNGnew Lifestyle, the former model said that these are the some of one has to pay in order to achieve some certain level of success and fame. Stardom really comes with a price – she said, in her words;


“I no longer live my normal life as a celebrity. I can no longer go on the streets to get whatever I want or do whatever I want to do. Fame has changed a lot of things about me. It has also helped me to stay on my own and mind my business,”


She also stressed that ever she attained stardom, that she’s been bullied or trolled several times, but she had to stay strong for herself and her son, pointing out that she does not give room for trolls to disturb her. In that aspect she said,


“Whenever trolls pick on me, I pick on them back. Anything I do not want, I just handle it; and anything I do not want around me, I move it away from me.”


Responding to those who have the opinion that her adverts for beauty products are false because she is naturally light-skinned, she said,



“The skincare products I am advertising right now are the ones I am using. That is why I am doing an advert for them.”



Speaking on her current projects, Angela Okorie said, “I have been focused on my career. I am about to release a song soon and I will be featuring a Ghanaian artiste.


For the past three years, I had opportunities to feature in many movies but I wanted to concentrate on my music career because a lot of people don’t know that I sing.


“I started my career as a model. From there, I switched to acting, then music. I have lots of talents and some people don’t have that.


As an entertainer, my biggest achievement is getting to this point of my career. I am doing well where I am now and that is all that matters.”


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