American Sports Journalist, Grant Wahl, Denied Entry into the Stadium for Wearing a Shirt with Rainbow on it

Grant Wahl

American sports Journalist Grant Wahl, who runs a Substack covering soccer and formerly wrote for Sports Illustrated, was denied entry into the stadium for wearing an LGBTQ themed-shirt. He revealed the incident via a post he made on his twitter page on Monday evening.



He stated he was not allowed into the stadium on Monday to see US-Wales 2022 World Cup match, which ended 1-1-1 draw, because of his shirt. His shirt had a soccer ball surrounded by a rainbow, considered the pride colour of the LGBTQ community.


Wahl tweeted that he was told: “You have to change your shirt. It’s not allowed.” Later in the day, Wahl tweeted an update, saying he was “OK, but that was an unnecessary ordeal”. He wrote:


“Am in the media center, still wearing my shirt. Was detained for nearly half an hour. Go gays.:



Earlier on Monday, Nov. 21, FIFA threatened European team captains with automatic yellow cards for wearing a “OneLove” armband, as they had planned to do, leading England’s Harry Kane to back down and wear a FIFA-sanctioned armband instead.  With this latest finesse, it shows that the Qatari government means its crackdown on where it stands on the LGBTQ community 


While some persons antagonized the Qatari government for this, others stress that every individual who visits another country should abide by the rules that governs the host nation, adding that other nations have the right to object what’s legal in the western countries, as it applies to them.




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