Almost 95% of the Boys I know From Nigeria Were Disvirgined by their Nannies and Staffs — Tania Omotayo

Tania Omotayo

Nigerian model and actress, Tania Omotayo, has warned parents to keep a close eye on their kids as to where their aunts, brothers, nannies or even staff are, adding that most of these people defile young kids.




According to Tania, 95% of the boys she knows from Nigeria lost their virginity ant young age and were defiled by their nannies and aunties. She made revelation while speaking at the latest episode of “meherandeverythingelsepod”.


In her words, the mother of one, said;



“Almost every boy, maybe 95% of the boys I know from Nigeria were ‘disvirgined ‘by their nannies or aunties,” she said

Reacting to Tania Omotayo’s claim, many agreed male children suffer s#xual abuses from close relations though the topic is hardly ever discussed.








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