All These Just For ur Kpekus?— Fans Reacts After Tiwa Savage Posted she Need 2022 Hilux, Gold Bracelets, Others, as Birthday Gifts

Fans have reacted a Nigerian Afro-pop singer, Tiwatope Savage, popularly known as Tiwa Savage, posted on her Instastories on Wednesday, some images of things she’d like for as gifts on her birthday.



Ahead of her 42-birthday which comes up on 5th February, Tiwa hinted that she’d love to have a 2022 black Hilux, iPhone, shoes, bags, gold bracelets, a silver watch, etc, as her birthday gifts.


Some of her Nigerian fans kicked against it, stating that celebrities are now inventing news ways of extorting money from their fans, the same people they should be giving.


Maintaining that this was a trend that started Davido in 2021, when he challenged those he had helped and lifted with his music to come and donate ₦1m each, because of the popular saying, “We Rise by Lifting Others”



Below are some of the comments on the post before it was automatically removed after 24hrs;

Nobody is buying it for you, I know you have already bought it yourself on that day you will bring it out and claimed somebody presented it to you, this is just a trick.


You that is no longer valuable, you are now value less because the world have seen everything. No more private parts is now public part because it’s has been exposed publicly.


All these for that your kepkus wey develop for street then come go Harvard then later cast for street. I like your resilience Sexy Mama. #Happy Ady in Advance.


Davido have set a pace that you all now follow…..a very bad precedence. It baffles me how the Black African sees wealth.


Many rich men and women from the business circle up to the entertainment industry don’t have a charity organisation they run or support instead it is how to collect from the society they all know.


What have you given back to this same society that made you who you are. How much have you donated to charity organisations,NGOs etc.


We have many Billionaires and countless millionaires yet a whole lot do nothing to help the needy. We are very selfish and greedy such that the rich even collect what is meant for the poor and add to his own.


We need to change our orientation and mindset and start to care about each other. This is where the white man is different from us. He can will his entire wealth to charity. He donates certain portion of his wealth back to the society but ours is the reverse.


Tiwa, you have made money, God have blessed you, the society helped you so give back and stop looking for ways to accumulating what you don’t need.



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