Air Peace Responds to South East Passengers, Explains why Price of Plane Tickets or Costly and How to Avoid it

Air Peace Nigeria has taken its time to explain its its ticket pricing techniques and address the issues made public by several passengers especially from the south-east Nigeria, who called out the airline last week across several social media platform, and stating that they charge aggressively for their Asaba and South-Eastern routes.



In a public notice which the Airline made public over the weekend, the company maintained that they do not discriminate against the south-easterners, stressing that the air fare is the same across the nation. In their words; 


Air Peace does not discriminate against the South East. It is the same fare that is loaded for all the routes all over Nigeria. Our fares start from ₦23,000, and progresses to ₦60,000 which is our highest Economy Class fare.


For a 136-seat capacity aircraft (12 Business and 124 Economy), the fare is allocated thus: ₦23,000 – 10seats; ₦27,500 – 20 seats; ₦30,000 – 25seats; ₦33,000- 15seats, ₦35,000 – 15seats; ₦42,000 – 10 seats; ₦47,000 – 5seats; ₦50,000 – 5seats, ₦55,000 – 5seats and ₦60,000 – 14seats.


These fares are loaded into the system for all Air Peace destinations- North, East, South and West. No discrimination. If the first 10 seats of ₦23,000 fare finishes, the system will automatically start showing the next fare which is ₦27,500. If the allocated seats on this are booked, it will migrate to the next until it gets to the last 14 seats pegged at ₦60,000.




Air Peace also reminded the south-easterners that the airline came on board when there was scarcity of flights en-route South East and has since then, been providing several flights to the region, thereby making air transportation easier for the South-Easterners.


The airline also mentioned that the founder, Chief Allen Onyema established Air Peace not to enrich himself but to provide jobs for the critical mass of unemployed Nigerians and has since then employed over 2000 Igbo people in an industry.



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