African Man Bisi Alimi tells his Followers That he is Lucifer, Encourages Them to bow and Worship him so all their Wishes will be Granted

Bisi Alimi, (born Ademola Iyandade Ojo Kazeem Alimi), a popular Nigerian gay rights activist, public speaker, HIV/LGBT advocate has referred to himself as Lucifer.

The gay rights activist and one of the first Nigerian who came out publicly, took to his Instagram to share photos of himself dressed as a woman and he called himself Lucifer and asked people to bow and worship at his feet.


Many Christians believe the Devil was once a beautiful angel named Lucifer who defied God and fell from grace. However, Bisi said in his post that he is not the Devil or Satan.

Bisi Alimi Calls Himself Lucifer
Bisi Alimi Calls Himself Lucifer

He wrote:

All Hail LUCIFER- Bisi Alimi

I sit on my throne!


I sit on my throne!

Bow now at my feet
Worship at my feet
And your wishes will be granted!
Because I. AM. LUCIFER


I am not the devil, nor Satan.
I am the most beautiful of all
The most elegant of all
The brightest light of all
The bright morning star
The inspirer of great ideas.
No, I am not the devil nor Satan.


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