Add Ashawo and Olosho to your Plans if You’re a Nigerian Woman Planning to be Successful — Nancy Isime Slams Trolls

Popular Nigerian actress, Nancy Isime has slammed trolls who’re always quick to attribute a woman’s success in Nigeria to men or prostitution.



TV host said that any Nigerian woman who plans to be successful should be aware that she will be called a prostitute by society once she makes it.


She went on to lament that despite her hard work and long hours, she comes online to see “thousands” of comments attributing her success to a man.


“I refuse to be bullied by patriarchy,” she wrote as she slammed those calling her out of her name. – she wrote, saying;

If you’re a Nigerian Woman with plans to be successful. Please add these names to your plans so it doesn’t surprise you when it happens
“Ashawo, Olosho”
Especially if you decide to be an Actress it’s an automatic naming ceremony if you like be virgin!.
I knew the “breaking news” was coming.


There’s been too much positive news about me Online, not everyone likes that. Once your name drives traffic, the propaganda begins with or without evidence. But listen, I refuse to be bullied by patriarchy! Sad part is I haven’t even scratched surface yet. God just started with me.



And yes, it’s easy to say Ignore. Until you’re on set filming till 11pm, on the phone constantly working towards the season premiere launch of your show amongst all the other obligations for brands you work with and future projects.


Literally mentally and physically exhausted from trying to make something out of your life only to check your notifications and it’s flooded with comments calling you out of your name. I’m talking thousands of comments.


Like I said, since we can’t sue a faceless account. We at least deserve concrete proof of the allegation laid. Dig it all up let’s see. Not just resort to calling names and trying to bully me into silence out of fear and even restricting my comments so no one can see then screenmunching the same comment for clout.



Nancy Isime on IG
Nancy Isime on IG







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