Actress Victoria Kolawole Narrates how she was Duped while trying to buy fuel

Actress Victoria Kolawole Narrates how she was duped while trying to buy fuel

Nigerian actress Victoria Kolawole, has narrated how a random guy he met at a crowded fuel station, dupped her and ran away with the money she gave the guy to use and buy petrol for her.



The actress said she was at the petrol station to get fuel but as usual, there was a queue, so while she was waiting in her car, according to her, an “innocent looking guy” approached her and introduced himself as a fan. He then offered to buy fuel on her behalf.


She said she gave him money for fuel, extra money for his effort, and her keg for fuel but the guy never returned. “I need fuel. I’m frustrated, ” she said, as she cried out on Instagram as she narrated her ordeal saying;


So I went to the filling station today but too much queue so I couldn’t come down from the car luckily for me I saw this innocent looking guy,




he came to me and said he’s my fan, he promise to help me get the fuel so I gave him money and my keg still give him extra money till now I no see the guy or the fuel 


I need fuel. Im frustrated Victoria Kolawole
I need fuel. I’m frustrated Victoria Kolawole



One of the commenters on her post which was assumed to be her fan, replied to her post saying; “Now they never leave you? They have left you behind”





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