Actress Rita Edochie Reacts to the Video of Fulani woman who Denied Being a Fulani Because of Christmas Money

Veteran Nollywood actress, Rite Edochie has reacted to a trending video of Fulani woman who denied being a fulani to an Igbo man in the hopes of enticing the man for some Christmas money she’ll use for food.



Reacting to the video, the veteran actor liked to funny but sad incident to her Igbo brothers and sister in government, saying that the woman denied her tribe because of hunger, so she can get small money she’ll use to get by just for the day.


In the same manner, Igbos denies their origin as Biafrans just because of what they stand to benefit from it. Maintaining what these Igbo male and female politicians are doing is selfish and many of their people are suffering from it.  



Posting to her IG page as she reacts to the trending video, Rita said;


Have you seen what hunger can cause? She has denied being a fulani woman because of hunger. The same way some of our Igbo brothers and sisters are denying Biarfa just because of what they stand to benefit today without thinking of what happens tomorrow but the good thing is, their selfishness is affecting all of us. reported that the Igbo-speaking fulani woman in the viral video who said she’s not a fulani because of money, identified herself as a Nigerien,


She further explained that the fulanis are now killing her people (Nigeriens) like fowls. She further explained that the fulanis kills mostly their men and rape their women.


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