Activist Deji Adeyanju Takes A Swipe at the youths of This 21st Century

Activist Deji Adeyanju  has taken a swipe at the youths of this 21st Century. He said that all they know is about scx and nothing more.




Making comparison of this generation to our ancestors, he described this generation of Nigerians as “one of the most hopeless.”



He also advised this youths of generation to find and stick with someone that offers strong values.




According to Deji via his IG page, all they care about is sex, vibes and free money. 



This generation is one of the most hopeless ever,  All they care about is SEX, vibes & free money. Once you find someone that offers more with strong values, try your best to keep them.



Sensible people in this generation may be less than 10k. Both the men & women are the same.





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