Abomination! Yahoo Boys Boast That The Best Way to Make Success is by Using Girlfriend for Money Rituals (Video)

Some boys suspected diabolic internet fraudsters, known as G+ boys in Nigeria, have shared shared a video saying that the best way to make success is by doing money rituals.



These boys are not helping matters anymore, especially with the uprising cases of women’s body mutilation for different occultic processes.


Adding to their points, the claims of ritualist running mad happens only when their ‘plug’ is unreliable or unqualified to perform such a process, which involves use of human sacrifices.



As they bragged about their money ritual dealings, they also opined on using other people except their mothers or sisters.



In the video, they also said that the unjust use of other human being, (preferably a girlfriend) for blood money is the only way to success.




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