A Suspected Kidnaper who Disguised Himself like a mad man Jumps to his Death After Being Caught in Ibadan, ₦7m Cheque and iPhone Recovered from him (Video)

An unidentified adult male who disguised himself as a mad man, has jumped to his death in Ibadan, after he was caught by an angry mob who suspected he was a kidnapper.



He died instantly after jumped off a bridge in Molete area of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital while he was making an attempt to escape jungle-justice from an angry mob that had set him ablaze.



Reports obtained by LatestNGnews.com, reveals that the man who appeared be mad and homeless, was receiving a package in an envelope from unidentified persons in a private vehicle on the Molete overhead bridge on Tuesday, February 15.


In addition, the Nigerian Tribune reported that the suspect was accosted by a mob after the vehicle zoomed off, and was beaten then set ablaze. 


He jumped down the flyover in an attempt to escape from the mob and died from injuries sustained.

Eyewitness report by Nigerian Tribune
Eyewitness report by Nigerian Tribune



The eyewitness who doesn’t want to be named, stated that some items recovered from the deceased prompted the attack on him by the mob, the items to include ₦7 million cheque, iPhone and cutlass.



“I was in my shop under the bridge this afternoon when we suddenly saw the mentally-deranged man jump down from the bridge after he had been set ablaze by the mob.



I didn’t know what transpired between them on the bridge but I saw him when he jumped down with fire burning on his body. “The mob was seen pouring petrol on the victim while he was seen rolling in pain on the ground


“I am not in support of jungle justice because we are not sure if anything suspicious was truly seen on him but the mob claimed a cheque of N7 million and iPhone was seen after searching his body.” the witness added.



Watch a clip from the incident below.. some of the images are disturbing (graphic video), viewers discretion is advised


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