A Simple Advice to Peter Obi’s Critics, Whatever is following Mr. Peter Obi is not Ordinary — Fr Kelvin Uwgu

Fr Kelvin Ugwu

Fr Kelvin Ugwu, a Malawi-based Nigerian Catholic priest in the order of the Missionary of St Paul, MSP, has advised the critics of the Labour Party Presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, that whatever force that is with and around the man in through out his presidential aspirations so far, is not ordinary.




Fr Kelvin Ugwu urged the critics of Peter Obi to take a deep reflection at the events surrounding Obi’s campaign and presidential ambitions, believed that the forces that drive him is nothing but divine arrangements.



While pointing out the timing and the accuracy in the plans executed by the former Anambra state governor, Fr Kelvin urged Obi’s critics to accept this as a fact and make peace with it.



Posting on his verified fb page, the clergyman pointed out that every person who has tried in one way or another to pull Obi down, has failed drastically or ended up ruining their good reputation which took them years to build.




While he didn’t mention names, the clergyman urged those who have been trying in one way or another to criticize Peter Obi or pull him down, to accept their position, support the man or step aside. His words in parts reads; 



A Simple Advice to Peter Obi’s Critics – Whatever is following Mr. Peter Obi is not ordinary. If you sincerely reflect over every step he had taken so far, from leaving PDP to finding his running mate; the timing of his moves, accuracy of plans and thoughts. . . They are nothing but divine arrangements.



Make peace with this fact: You can’t fight him and you can’t stop him. Just remove hands for im matter. Comot bodi!






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