A New Law in LA Bans Streets Protesters #No300FtBan

Recent development coming from Los Angeles in California USA is a new law that has been passed by the government in its quest to put on lid on the situations in the area. A new Los Angeles law banning protests within 300 feet of politicians’ homes is the latest in a wave of anti-protest laws sweeping the country. 




The Law was passed on Wednesday by the LA city Council after its failed attempts to restrict citizen’s right to a peaceful protest. Now it has introduced a law that bans wide and large gatherings within 300ft of private residents, especially when the home owners are politicians.


Before the law was passed on Wednesday, peaceful demonstration outside politician’s homes has been a way activists and freedom fighters passed on their messages and was heard, especially during pandemic as several of government house were shuttered or closed so protesters and activists went straight to the source and took their messages to the homes of their various public representatives.

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Some of the reasons they healed protests in Los Angeles was because of Covid-19, Police brutality, homeless sweeps and the threat of eviction. But city law maker President Nury Martinez who introduced the ban in her own defense said it the 300ft ban was passed so as to protect politicians and not a plot to silence the voices of the people.

Source: MTV Need to know with @YoonjKim

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