A Fuel Tanker Falls at Mai Mahiu Road, Residents Risks Their Lives to Steal Petrol from the Tanker (Video)

A tanker conveying petrol has fallen at the Mai Mahiu RdNairobi, Kenya, and residents didn’t hesitate to help themselves with accumulating as many gallons of petrol as they can, before the authorities showed up.




The incident according to twitter post happened between 11am – 12pm local time, and according to the video that was shared, resident were seen trooping in and out of the vicinity in their gallons and jerrycans, fetching as much petrol as they can from the fallen tanker.


Some were happy about the incident while some abolished and condemned the acts of these locals, saying that is it confirmed that Kenyans cannot be saved. Pointing out that other countries would be running away from the vicinity, in other  avoid the risk getting burnt if the tanker catches fire and expldes.


Some of the comments on the video includes;


Ignorance and primitivity… it’s barely a year since the incident in Kisumu.

If these ones die, no need for rest in peace. It’s utterly ridiculous

I hope this is diesel. Otherwise, KIJABE HOSPITAL will be trending shortly.


Greediness and affinity for free things will kill fellow Kenyans.
urgently intervene. We are still mourning the Enziu and Siaya tragic experiences


But why do Kenyans never learn though Persevering faceJust rushing here risking their lives!

People are broke bro they are just trying to put food on their tables…. Otherwise mimi nangoja ya pombe ianguke

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