53-year-old Maxine Messam, Dies After Getting Botched Butt Injections Because she Wanted Bigger Bums

Maxine Messam

53-year-old African American woman has died after unknown substances where injected in her because she wanted a bigger bum, she was was dumped outside a Bronx hospital, unconscious and partially n#ked following the botched butt injections.



Reports says that the lady who was later identified to be a native of Bridgeport, Connecticut, was left at the front of Jacobi Medical Center on Tuesday, Feb. 15, by two unidentified women.



NYPD reports added that the 2 unidentified ladies drove the unconscious woman was n*ked from the waist down with needle marks on her body and a foreign substance injected into her buttocks to the hospital in her BMW SUV, and walked off.



The two unknown women who drove Messam to the hospital, told the medical staff they found her in distress asking for help at Woodlawn Cemetery and offered to help her, according to police.


Authorities were later called to the scene around 1:51 a.m. soon after Messam died.


“We don’t know what happened,” the victim’s shocked husband Carlos Simpson told the New York Daily News. “She was at work and she left work. So we don’t know what happened from there.”


An autopsy has been ordered to reveal her cause of death, which is being investigated due to the suspicious circumstances. Detectives want to speak with the two women who dropped Messam off at the hospital.



“Everybody is really emotionally damaged at this point in time,” Messam’s son said. “I would like to say something but we don’t have all the details.”


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