5 Things that Young People Neglects in Their Marriage Which Makes Their Marriage to Fail

The rate at which young marriages crash in very alarming in recent times. Marriage is so sacred and delicate that it’s affairs are only meant to be known and treated by the man and woman who are involved in the marriage. But several young people of this generation have no clue whatsoever what marriage really is, and what makes it work.



When marriage crashes, it is the fault of the man as much it is the fault of the woman for being the cause of the failure, online in-laws who have no clue of what really went on behind the scenes, can make noise and talk all they want, but really, it will make no difference if the man woman fails to tell each other the truth and own up.


Many young people invest more time and resources towards getting married, than actually staying married. So In order to educate the youngsters a little about the importance marriage and what makes marriage last longer, we will sharing with us, 5 things that many young people tend to neglect, which in turn, makes their marriage to fail.



Now you need to understand something here, doing these things won’t just lead to the failure of your marriage, rather repeatedly doing them over a long period of time, will continually cause a rift in your marriage, which will eventually lead to marriage break.



I am writing this, because recently, I discovered that many young people (especially single young ladies) seems extremely excited anytime marriages crash or divorce happens, frankly this is utterly abnormal, hence my need to write these 5 Things that Young People Neglects in Their Marriage Which Makes Their Marriage to Fail. Let me say these below;




1. As a husband your duty is to provide and protect your family by every ethical means possible ( it’s biblical if you are a Christian. If you are not, it’s still not otherwise). Anything outside (shortfall)providing and protecting your family, should be on a very short-term or temporarily.


2. As a wife, your duty is to respect your husband and take care of his kingdom. Anything you do is about upholding his respect and caring for his kingdom. If you are a Christian, this is biblical. If you are not, it is still not otherwise.


3. As much as you can, avoid measuring your living standard with social media lifestyles. It’s not a reality. You may be doing much better than many of your social media lifestyled peers.


4. In all things, have consistent plans for sustainable life style. This will help you navigate through challenges that will surely come your marriage ways.


5. Nevertheless, be assured that marriage is still a noble institution in which people still celebrate 10yrs, 20yrs, 30yrs and even longer successful anniversaries.

Above all, Remove Toxicity from your heart!






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