5 Armed Robbers Sentenced to Death in Ugwuakuma Village in Arochukwu Local Government Area of Abia State (Video)

5 boys who engage in armed robbery, has been sentenced to death in Ugwuakuma Village in Arochukwu Local Government Area of Abia State. The boys were paraded by the villagers themselves, who insisted that they cups are filled after the boys graduated from petty thief to armed robbery.



An eyewitness and a resident of Aro, who pleaded anonymity, revealed that boys are villagers from Ugwuakuma and  Agbawu, adding that the boys have been caught several times, given lashes of cane at the community hall counselled and set free after a week or 2. But now the villagers and the security operatives have had enough of them.



The eyewitness continued that the villagers moved to kill the boys after they graduated from petty thieving to armed robbery, adding they have a crew and and leader, whom the robbers refers to as their commander who issues them guns they use for operating mostly in Ugwuakuma, Agbawu, while there are rumours they have expanded to Ogwumabiri area.



In a video which was obtained by LatestNGnews.com, a voice was heard behind the camera, doing a brief introduction about the criminals. The first suspect was Alfred, he was caught red handed while stealing chairs in the Ugwuakuma community health center. 



The Second suspect was their crew leader, whom was referred to as commander. He was the first that started using guns to operate. The community vigilante went to his house for searching and they found gun in his procession. They believed and suspected to he’s getting the guns from a politician, as they’re currently investigating more to find who their sponsor(s) is/are. He also stole solar battery and equipment from the health center.



 The third suspect is a son of a man from Agbawu. He’s been arrested several times but has now graduated and become a hardened criminal that uses gun.




The fourth suspect is the youngest of the crew, according to voice in the background, he’s from Agbawu but his people has rejected him, because he has almost vandalized all the shops in Agbawu. They disowned him and he migrated to Ugwuakuma, adding that he’ll steal from Ugwuakuma and run to Agbawu to sell, and vice-versa.



During the course of interrogation, some of the stolen items were recovered in the house of the fifth suspect, who according to the voice in background, didn’t deny the allegations after he was caught. He added that he jumps the fence of the health center to break in and then steal as many things as he can carry, and then sell them off to buyers.


Also, it was concluded that the suspects will be taken to their respective father’s houses were their people will see them for the last time before they’re taken away, poured petrol and tyre and set ablaze, stressing that none of them would be spared this time.




According to the eyewitness, several persons have pleaded on their behalf, while some argued that the suspected politicians or anyone that supplies them guns should be investigated and arrested, and have them suffer the same fate these boys are about to suffer.











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