47-year-old Georgia college Professor, Richard Sigman, Accused of Shooting an Incoming Freshman, Anna Jones

47 year old Georgia college professor Richard Sigman accused of killing incoming freshman Anna Jones

A 47 years old University of West Georgia college professor, Richard Sigman, has been accused of of fatally shooting 18 years old Anna Jones, an incoming college freshman who just finished high school recently, and planned to attend the school towards the end of this year.




According to a report by the Carrollton, Georgia police, Richard Sigman has been arrested and charged with murder of the teenager. He is also charged with possession of a firearm and aggravated assault with resulted to the untimely death of Anna Jones. The police report added that Miss Jones until her life was cut short, was a recent high school graduate who enrolled as an incoming freshman at the University of West Georgia. The police also narrated how the incident happened, stating that:


A man had alerted security at Leopoldo’s, a local pizza place located in Downtown Carrolton, Georgia, that Sigman threatened to shoot him after the two got into an argument at around midnight on Saturday, July 30, 2022. The argument soon spilled out to outside the restaurant, and into a nearby parking lot.



Being that the place is a busy nightlife area, the security hastened to respond to the scene. When security approached the professor, they saw he had a weapon and told him to leave, so as to defuse already heated temper. Professor Sigman complied with the security and left, then he walked toward a parking deck, where he began shooting into a parked vehicle where Jones was sitting.



The police in their report which was made public to the press stated that it is not clear yet if the deceased, Anna Jones, had any connection to man Richard Sigman was arguing with earlier and intended to shoot. The police added that the young woman was struck after Sigman began to shoot into the parking deck, was hit by a bullet and her friends quickly drove her to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.





The University of West Georgia said Sigman was fired after the charges were brought against him. A university spokesperson told 11 Alive News that Jones was enrolled as an incoming freshman at the school. School president Brendan Kelly said in a statement, according to CBS 46, which reads;



“The University of West Georgia has learned of the loss of one of its students, Anna Jones, who passed away following an off-campus incident earlier today,” 



“UWG has terminated the employment of Richard Sigman and continues to work with the city of Carrollton Police Department, which leads this ongoing investigation.”


Kelly added:

“On behalf of the university, we wish to convey our deepest condolences to Anna’s family and many friends.”





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