40 Ft Trailer Falls on Small Car in Lagos But no Life Were Lost

It was a miraculous Sunday for a twitter user iam_mo2un and his colleagues who were returning to school from home and when a 40 ft trailer fell on top of a car they boarded in Ojuelegba.




it is nothing short of miracle because from all indication, they all could’ve been crushed to death, but mercy and grace said it is not their time yet and they aren’t going to die this way.

In a twitter post shared by the survivor of this fatal accident which reads  Let it be in the book of record that i and my friends @teejaywalter, @mcaustin_jnr on our way back from school survived the fatality of this accident on Sunday 19th September 2021..Tell me what God cannot
do? God is indeed a Great God.. we’re Evidence of God’s Faithfulness

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