4 Wierd Records Taken 2021 Guiness World Book of Records

GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS : HOUNDS that for a pair of lugs! Pet Lou has the longest dog ears — and that’s official. The whoppers on Paige Olsen’s pet are 13.38in in Kansas, US, and put him in the 2022 edition of Guinness World Records.



Laetitia Ky, 25, from Ivory Coast, West Africa, can do most skips — 60 — over a person’s own hair in 30 seconds.
She achieved the record by braiding her natural hair and adding extensions to sculpt her skipping “rope”.



Pratik Mohite, 25, of Maharashtra, India, is the shortest competitive male bodybuilder at 3ft 4in.
Mohite began bodybuilding after seeing the sport as a representation of being fit and strong, wanting to take part even if others saw him as “weak”.




Canadian dog and cat duo, Lollipop and Sashimi, have also made their way into record-breaking history, becoming the fastest dog and cat duo to travel 5m on a scooter, achieving the feat in 4.37 seconds.


Proud owner Melissa Millett said the pair both enjoyed solo scootering but came up with the trick on their own after both hopping on together one day.


And Mexican Jorge Garcia holds a record for his collection of toy cars.


The book also has chapters including environmental champions, pop culture icons and sporting heroes.

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