4 Underage Kids Caught Smoking Mkpurumiri (Crystal Meth) in Mbaukwu Anambra State (Video)

Four secondary kids who are believed to be underage kids and less then 18 years old have been caught while smoking Mkpurumiri (known as Crystal Meth) in Oba village, Mbaukwu Anambra State.




The kids (2boys and 2 girls) were caught by the vigilante group of the Oba village. During interrogation, it was discovered that they eats lots of bread before they smoke the meth.


One of them gave her name Chioma Okafor from Urualla, Nibo, confessed she leaves her village to goes all the way to Mbaukwu just to smoke to meth with her partner in crime suspected to her her boyfriend.



She also revealed that she’s a ward, living with her guardian, a female traditional practitioner (eze nwanyi) in Nibo, but she guardian recently travelled home for Christmas.


Chioma Okafor also revealed that the son of her guardian is the supplier of the Mkpurumiri she smokes. She also confessed that this wasn’t his first time, and that her legal guardian have no idea she smokes crystal meth.


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