3 Young boys Left Their Parents in Delta and Travelled to Edo State in Search of Where to Learn Yahoo-Yahoo (Video)

A young boys between ages 14 and 16 years were seen in a video saying they left their parents in Delta state and came to Edo state to hustle.



The boys who were believed to be stranded, said in an interview, that they’re  searching for where to hustle, learn yahoo-yahoo (online fraud).


The boys were seen being queried by a man whose gate they knocked at in an Edo community.  The boys who are between the ages of 14-16, told the man that they “want to hustle”,



Further querying made they boys to clarified the mean yahoo-yahoo (online fraud) and not yahoo plus (online fraud + diabolic rituals).



They further revealed that they were sent out from where they were staying. When asked about their parents, they said their parents are in Delta state.


They told the man who they knocked at his gate, that  their parents know they are in Edo state. 



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