2022 World Hijab Day — Governor Seyi Makinde Approves Use of Hijab by Female Muslim Students in Oyo State

The Oyo state Governor, Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde has given is OK words as he approved the use of Hijab by female Muslims students in various public schools in the state.



Governor Makinde’s Special Assistant on Islamic Affairs, Abdulrasheed Abdazeez, made this announcement to mark the 2022 World Hijab Day.

The statement reads;



“Hijab is a covering which not only beautifies the wearer but also helps in advancing decency in the society. Muslim students who wish to wear hijab in public schools in Oyo State have not been denied their right to do so.


I have instructed those in positions of authority in the state’s public service and across all our public schools not to intimidate or harass anyone because of their religious beliefs or practices.


Our government is God-fearing and we will continue to preach religious tolerance, equality and justice, which will further engender peaceful coexistence, love and togetherness.


As the theme of this year’s celebration suggests, hijab is the pride of every female Muslim and it remains sacrosanct” 



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