15 Years old boys Caught Trying to Rent a Hotel Room with his male and female friends (Video)

A boy of 15 have been caught while he was trying to rent a hotel room. He was confronted by an adult who might be a worker or a guest at the hotel.



The boys who were 3 in number arrived at the hotel with two girls and tried to get a room. However, a man confronted him and asked for his age. He revealed that he is 15 and the man continued to question him.



The questions must’ve made all five of them uncomfortable, so they all began to withdraw from the hotel premises.




The girls who are suspected to be in the same age bracket with the boys, were hiding their faces from the man’s camera and retreating as he called them to question them.



The all left the hotel premises while the man calling on the hotel security to stop them for further questioning.







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