15-Year old Boy Gives His Best Friend to be used for Money Ritual so he can Drive his Dream Car, GLK Benz (Video)

15 Year old Kingsley Gives out his best Friend to be used for Money Ritual

A 15-year old boy has been trending in a video, after he gave his male friend to be killed, so he can use him for money rituals, so he’ll be rich and drive his dream car, GLK Benz.





According to a video that was sent to LatestNGnews.com on Thursday, July 14, 2022, the boy who was given up for money ritual was heard begging for his life, saying that he is the only son of his parents and they’re in Jss3, preparing for their JSCE.



The 15-year-old boy who gave his best friend was asked by the supposed ritual doctor if he’s willing to give out his friend, and he said yes, he would, asked what type of car he wants to ride, he said Mercedes Benz GLK.




However, in another different video sent to LatesNGnews.com, tides turned between the boys and the who was seen earlier pleading for his life was given an opportunity to kill his friend who gave him up for money rituals.



It is unclear what happened next, if all this was done to teach the boys a lesson of their lives and sent them back to their parents. There’s been a previous case of this in Nigeria, when Teenage boy, Soliu Majekodumi, Connived with his Friends to Kill his Girlfriend for Money Rituals in Ogun state, at the beginning of 2022.  






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